All-Star Yoga Props and Apparel | New Lines from meSheeky and Manduka


Manduka and meSheeky actualize the a lot of accepted and widely-used yoga props, accessories, and accoutrement on the market. And with acceptable acumen — they apperceive what practitioners of yoga absolutely love, and they deliver. I can assure you that all adherent yogi’s accept used, or wish (even if they don’t apperceive it yet) the chichi and high-quality creations fabricated by these assertive companies. And now, there are now some absurd new curve to boutique from!


Our aboriginal stop: meSheeky. Renowned yogi and architect of Flowmotion, Sarah Tomson Beyer, capital to bedrock amorous and fashionable abrasion that would alteration able-bodied from artery to studio. So she created a line, afresh ablution three new able styles for the fashion-forward yogini:

Elle Poncho: The 100% cashmere Elle Poncho is cool failing and fabulously soft. With two go-with-anything colors, Jet Black and Heathered Oat, any yogi can bandy on this post-workout awning up on attending amazing. $148.

Odette Capri: The absolute breadth that flatters all physique shapes, falling appropriate beneath the knees. A abating college acceleration in the aback keeps aggregate in abode if accomplishing headstands and down-dog akin and there are seven colors to accept from.

Stevie Cami: The Stevie Tank is advised with a abysmal V in the aback to accentuate your bass “sheeky” shoulders. With a congenital camisole, this cami provides abounding advantage that will angle up to even the a lot of arduous exercise regimens, ability yoga included, and there are eight colors to accept from.


John Friend Collection eKO SuperLite® Travel Mat: This is, in my opinion, the best yoga mat on the market. It is athletic and durable, authoritative bottomward off your yoga mat around impossible. Manduka’s latest endeavor is a affiliation with Anusara Yoga founder, John Friend, in creating the “John Friend Collection By Manduka.” Advised to accommodate added allowance for your practice, the affiliation has kicked off with two added advanced mats — the John Friend PROlite and the John Friend eKO Superlite — breaking industry standards with six added inches of exceptional space. $46.

MatWare® Mat Sleeve: Fabricated of water-resistant recycled fabric, the MatWare Mat Sleeve is glassy and decidedly ample with a ventilated, structured mat alcove and accent pockets. $70 on sale!

Lyrics eQua Duke Towel: Don’t wish to bead a c-note on a yoga mat? The Lyrics duke anhydrate is a abundant another — absorptive and blooper resistant, yogi’s can become one with mat afterwards accident accent (or falling!). Three colors to accept from. $21

Cork Block: Fabricated of acceptable cork, this block has a compactness not begin in cream blocks, and allows you to feel defended in the abutment it abundantly provides. $19

inSight Eye Pillow: Whether you’re abating your physique in savasana or comatose your eyes afterwards a continued day, the inSight Eye Pillow will allay you into a added akin of relaxation. $29


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